Assignment 2, Submission Instructions

Your team is required to provide a completed product for your client/business venture along with a development portfolio and executive summary as detailed in tasks outlined in the pages which follow. Approximate hand-in deadlines are found in the SEIP Module Handbook. Exact timings/arrangements will be announced in tutorial sessions. Note that NO extensions to deadlines will be permitted – i.e. late submission of any section will result in it being ignored for assessment purposes.


                                                                                                                 (Refer Team Task No.)

  • Demonstration to client/ panel of judges your final product.                              (2.3)
  • Copy of user support materials for demonstration purposes                               (2.2)       


PART BPortfolio SUBMISSION – worth 20% of module


  • A4 ring binder
  • with completed assignment 2 front sheet securely attached
  • clearly labelled with team number and company name and sectioned in sequence, with each section clearly titled
  • Your portfolio should be made up of the following:

                                                                                                                                       (Refer Team Task No.)

1       Technical Development Portfolio                                                                                 (2.1)

2      Full copy of your User Support Materials                                                                      (2.2)

3      Plan/Details of Demonstration to Client/panel of judges, and copy of final product.            (2.3)

4      Project Management Documents                                                                                 (2.4)

5      Report evaluating assignment 1 Presentation & Demonstration of Prototype.                  (2.5)

6      Report evaluating / comparing Client Consultancy Sessions.                                          (2.6)

7      Team Organisation and Professional Practice                                                                (2.7)

8      Research Evaluation Report.                                                                                        (2.8)

9      Financial Planning                                                                                                       (2.9)

10   Self and Peer Assessment Sheets – assignment 2,                                                         (2.10)

        with attached/recorded yellow/red cards, completed spreadsheet file and Quality Audit sheets.