Assignment 2, Proposal Form



CET203 Software Development Assignment 2 (2013/14)

Proposal Form


Briefly describe the scenario to be designed/implemented:

I will try to design and build a Media Rental System. The members must be subscribe before they allow to rent online or disc medias. Members and medias be stored in Lists. Rented medias will be store in a Dictionary. User able to add members and medias, edit disc media’s copies and rent medias. All members have a limited rentable media discs.

System will generate text report of single member or media and all members and medias. All data should be save and load from file.

An email service send automata emails if the member’s subscription expired (1 year) or if the rental period ran over.

Exception class will create for No Available Copy, Member State False and for Max Media Rented exceptions.

All function available from a Windows Form application.

Automated testing classes also be added to my system.


Designated Marker Approval

Illustrates separation of concerns and use of interfaces/polymorphism    Yes / No

Illustrates use of a collection class from the Generics Collection Framework    Yes / No

Illustrates data persistence through saving/reading to/from a file    Yes / No

Illustrates the use of a customised exception type    Yes / No

Is a multi-form system with at least two interacting forms    Yes / No


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Designated Marker: Liz Gandy Linda White Chris Knowles Simon Kendal