Portfolio 2 Task

CET101 Fundamentals of Computing


Portfolio 2: A Console Application to Perform a Binary to Decimal Conversion

In this portfolio, we are assessing the skills you have developed so far in the following areas:

· Understanding of standards, formats and tools used in the design of information, multimedia and web-based systems

· Appraisal of the fundamental operation of computer systems, network architectures, hardware components, operating systems and associated protocols and data structures

· Recognition of the need for adaptable approaches to problem solving.

· Ability to specify and contextualize a problem and communicate effectively an appropriate solution to a range of audiences

· Use of software engineering techniques to design, code, test and evaluate a range of software solutions


Portfolio Requirements

In this portfolio you will be required to demonstrate your understanding of number systems and to show this bydesigning and developing a console application which is capable of converting a three-digit binary number into a decimal value. Your program should meet the following requirements:

1. Prompt the user to enter three integer values which will represent the three digits of the binary number to be converted (the user will enter the value 0 or 1 as required for each input value)

2. Convert the binary number represented by the three digits to decimal and output the result to the user (you should include both the original binary number and the corresponding decimal number in your output)

3. Ask the user if they wish to convert another number and continue performing conversions until they indicate that they wish to stop. The program should accept the following responses to continue: “Y”, “y”, “Yes” or “yes”, anything else and it will be assumed the user wishes to stop.

4. Validation should be provided for each of the binary digit values requested from the user (the value entered should be in the range 0-1)

Your application should provide an easy-to-use, informative user interface with appropriate prompts and output messages and you may make use of console operations such as clearing the screen if you wish. An example of possible output from an application is provided below:

Binary to Decimal Converter


Enter digit 1: 1

Enter digit 2: 5

Number must be 0 or 1. Please re-enter: 1

Enter digit 3: 0

110 converted to decimal is 6

Do you wish to continue?




Part 1 (60%)

You will be required to make a start on the coding aspects of this portfolio, as a Time Constrained Test, in the CET101 Programming tutorials on Tuesday 19 th November. The test will last 40 minutes, at the end of which you should create a zip file of your C# project folder and upload the work you have carried out so far to the Strand 5: Portfolio 2 Part 1 Dropbox folder on Sunspace.


Part 2 (40%)

Continue work to complete the portfolio and upload to the Portfolio 2 Part 2 Dropbox folder on Sunspace by Friday 29th November at 5pm:

a) A short word processed document/report consisting of:

Title page, Table of contents, Introduction Section (telling us what the report contains), then:

· Printout of the source code (Program.cs) for your application.

· A description of testing that you would carry out to ensure that your program is fully working. This should include any input data values and the expected output from your program.

· Screen captures which demonstrate your program running for three test binary-decimal conversions. This must include at least one example showing your user validation and appropriate error messages.

· Any references you may have used.

b) A zipped file which is the complete Visual Studio 2010 project folder for your application

Please ensure that the layout and formatting of your code is not corrupted when you cut and paste it into the Word document (part a) e.g. the formatting should be correct – if not you may lose marks.

Indicative Breakdown of Marks


Part 1

Part 2

a) Obtaining three binary digits from the user and converting to decimal

20 marks

5 marks

b) User Validation

10 marks

5 marks

c) Enabling the user to perform further calculations

10 marks

5 marks

d) Overall user interface design

10 marks

5 marks

e) Coding style, layout and commenting

10 marks

5 marks

f) Report elements

a. General presentation and overall impression

b. Appropriate test data

c. Completeness of testing


15 marks

You MUST enter the details below and return this sheet to your tutor at the end of the Test. Failure to do so means that your submission for Part 1 will NOT be marked.

Name: _____________________________________ Time: ______________ Cell: ______