LEGO Mindstorm NXT, EV3 Robot Control

Challenge 1

Produce a remote control for the robot which can be used to navigate it around an obstacle course which includes the following obstacles:

  • travel between two lines
  • travel between two lines in a U-shaped course
  • negotiate a slalom between obstacles without knocking them over
  • fire at a target


My code writen by Visual Studio 2010 C# form project. Used the Aforge library. With shooter function and ultrasonic sersor handing.





Downloads: C# 2010 project



Challenge 2

Automatically locate and fire at a target (the target will be placed in an environment such that the robot can locate it by distance, i.e. there will be no other objects within range).

·         Basic level – automatically move to a distance of 30cm away from an object and fire at it

·         Advanced level – automatically locate a target (drawn on a square shaped piece of paper), and fire at a small circle in the centre of it


I used MindSqualls library on Visual Studio 2010 C# form.




Basic Project

Advanced Project


Challenge 3

Automatically navigate a tunnel, which will consist of straight walls and 90 degree turns. An example of such a tunnel is provided in Appendix A.

·         Basic level – Navigate a tunnel and stop at the other end

·         Advanced level – Navigate the tunnel, produce a visual representation of the tunnel on the PC then return through the tunnel to the starting position


I used MindSqualls library on Visual Studio 2010 C# form.


My advanced program draw a map and push path details to a array and use it when comes back to starting point.




Basic Project

Advanced Project


Challenge 4

Lego EV3, NXT Rubik's Cube solver (with crane and carrier vehicle)


Demonstrate the “additional feature” of your robot as specified in your project proposal and agreed with your tutor. This feature can be coded in either C# or Java.







The final robot with video stream and joystick control.

I finished my robot. I built a big carrier vehicle for Lego MindCub3r. The vehicle controlled by PC Joystick, trough Bluetooth with Visual Studio 2010 C# form. My phone slotted in to the robot and its camera screen showed in my laptop. The crane program wrote by Lego NXT-G. I had to modify the original MindCub3r program and insert one more motor and setting few timer.


I used Aforge library to write my C# code.










The Crane NXT-G program

The whole C# project with Joystick Control and Video Stream